The Joe in Port Saint Joe

The Joe - Coffee, Tea and Essential Oils
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4 / 5
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The Joe offers a range of natural beverages and products to help you feel and be your best self. Coffees, teas and essential oils will leave you energized or relaxed, and there are a few pastries to tie you over between meals.

- The Local Expert Team

The Joe offers a variety of natural beverages and products that can help you be your best self. A coffee shop and health store in one, the place can provide assistance whether you’re looking for a caffeine jolt, relaxing aromatherapy or just a little snack.

The coffee menu at The Joe runs the gamut of traditional cup ‘o joe offerings to more exotic caffeinated creations. Go for a traditional Drip Coffee or Latte if that’s your standby, or get a CBD Latte if you need something that’s simultaneously stimulating and relaxing. Of course, there are plenty of cold coffee offerings such as Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Frappes for hot days.

If you’d prefer to avoid the joe altogether, the menu also offers plenty of Teas, Iced Teas, and Smoothies. The Chai Tea Latte and the Shakes are a couple of customer favorites.

For food, The Joe is known for its Anytime Breakfast Bagels that feature Ham and Cream Cheese, French Toast and Sausage or Guacamole and Bacon. You’ll also find a nice selection of pastries if you’d prefer something that’s grab-and-go and a little sweeter.

In addition to beverages and light food, a selection of essential oils are available. Suggested for soaking, aromatherapy or infusing, these may offer a variety of benefits depending on what oils you use. Most oils are intended for at-home use, and the staff will guide you toward the ones you might want to take home.

All of these items, from the coffees to the oils, are offered at affordable prices. Prices for the oils naturally vary, but the coffee prices show just how affordable this place is. A cup of standard coffee can be had for less than $2, and all of the coffee-based beverages are under $5. The breakfast sandwiches, likewise, are all under $5.

Stop by The Joe whenever you need a little caffeine jolt, and pick up some essential oils for when you want to wind down later. The staff is friendly and helpful, and you can get almost any coffee or oil you could want here.

A few of our favorite menu items at The Joe include:

Cold Brew
Loaded with caffeine and poured over ice, Cold Brew will keep you going and cool. Order it early in the day if you don’t want to be up late, because the caffeine content in cold brew tends to be higher than traditional coffee.

CBD Latte
Are you tired and anxious? CBD oil and espresso might seem like a contradictory pair, but they could be the perfect combination for what you need. The fact that they’re also delicious when combined in a CBD Latte makes this choice even better.

Herbal Tea with CBD
Want the benefits of CBD without the caffeine or taste of coffee? The Herbal Tea with CBD lets you combine your favorite tea with the oil.

Guacamole and Bacon
Simply known as the Guacamole and Bacon, this breakfast sandwich is made to delight. The salty crunch of bacon pairs perfectly with the rich creaminess of the guacamole. Also, those omega-3 fatty acids in the avocado balance out the cholesterol in the bacon, right?

Appetite Killer Smoothie
When you need something filling and delicious — but don’t want a full meal — turn to the Appetite Killer Smoothie. Aptly named, the berries, garcinia, chia and protein will leave you refreshed, full and ready for whatever may come next.

Insider Tips:
– Many of the food selections are traditionally made, but there also are a number of plant-based milk and vegan pastries available.
– If you have gluten-intolerant, vegetarian or vegan friends, they’ll still be able to find a treat here.