Mr G’s Smokehouse & Seafood Grill

Mr. G’s Smokehouse & Seafood Grill – Cape San Blas – A Small Beachside Snack Packing Big Flavor
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Who knew a small, unassuming beachside shack would be capable of producing such huge flavors? Known for their wildly unique and unbelievably fresh tacos, Mr. G’s Smokehouse & Seafood Grill is a well-loved take-out joint that serves up delicious tacos with a side of sweeping ocean views.

- The Local Expert Team

Located in a tiny, unassuming shack along Highway 98 in Cape San Blas, Mr. G’s Smokehouse & Seafood Grill is a surprisingly delicious find, serving up impossibly fresh tacos and more, all with unobstructed views of the ocean.

Your dining experience begins when you go up to the lone takeout window to order. You can choose items from a menu that may, at first glance, seem small, but trust us when we say every single thing on it is worth trying. The menu consists of about nine varieties of tacos, all featuring either one of Mr. G’s famous smoked meats or freshly caught seafood. They offer refreshing and unique sides, like Pineapple Mandarin Cole Slaw, Sweet Chipotle Kettle Beans, two kinds of potato salad, and more.

They also offer decadent, savory dips, including spicy tuna dip, smoked salmon dip, and spicy kingfish dip, as well as various smoked meats, which are available by the sandwich, plate, or pound. The desserts don’t disappoint, either. Whether you choose the agave nectar drizzled crepe topped with peaches and cream cheese, or the creamy key lime pie, you’re sure to end your meal on a sweet and special note.

The real appeal here, though, is, of course, the tacos. Before you order, there are two things you should know. 1. These tacos are big. They’re bigger than your average taco, and they are packed to the gills. 2. The flavor combinations here are like nothing you’ve ever had before. Due to these two facts, we recommend getting a few different tacos for your party, and sharing them all, tapas style. That way, everyone gets to experience multiple flavor profiles, without getting too full.

We could wax poetic all day about how delicious everything on this menu was, but instead, we’ll just start you off with a few of our very favorites from Mr G’s Smokehouse & Seafood Grill:

The Hawaiian
Out of the two types of Ahi Tuna tacos served here, these pulled away as our favorites. A tortilla filled with impossibly tender sesame seared ahi tuna, on a bed of cabbage and cilantro is topped with pineapple mandarin sauce and a lime spritz. What we love about this taco is the ingredient list is left simple and pure, allowing every flavor to really shine, creating a bite that is just the right amount of tender, savory, sweet, and crunchy.

South of the Border
A modern take on a classic fish taco, this packs a tortilla with pan-friend grouper, topped with fresh tequila lime chili sauce, fresh cabbage, cilantro, and a refreshing spritz of lime. It’s equal parts hot and savory, cool and creamy, and crunch and fresh. Every bite was a treat!

The Mother Clucker
Now, if this isn’t a unique taco, we don’t know what is. The Mother Clucker combines crispy fried chicken breast with fresh cabbage and pineapple mandarin sauce and then covers the whole thing in a layer of Swiss and American cheeses. It doesn’t get more decadent than this.

Brisket Bomber
Did someone say brisket? In a taco? Sign us up! A tortilla is loaded with succulent smoked brisket, laid atop a bed of fresh cabbage, black beans, and corn salsa. It’s then topped with Swiss and American cheeses and a honey-chipotle sauce. This special taco somehow manages to combine the best parts of southern barbeque and traditional tacos to create a bite like nothing we’ve had before. Yum!

Insider Tips:
-There is no seating or inside area at this location. This is strictly a take-out window, so you should be prepared to either take your food to go or find a spot to eat outside.
-With a location directly across the street from the ocean, Mr. G’s is a convenient spot to grab lunch or dinner while at the beach. If you’re able, try and place an order a little before sunset, so you can walk over to the beach and enjoy your tacos while watching the sun go down.
-There is a kid’s menu here, so don’t worry about finding something to eat for your little ones.