The Most Expensive Beachfront Vacation Rental in Every Country

What pops into your mind when you think of the ultimate relaxing vacation? Could it be soft white sand, crystal-clear blue water and the promise of an afternoon cocktail? For most people, being by the seaside is the best way to spend a vacation; indeed, when polled on where they planned to spend their summer vacation in 2023, most Americans said the beach

When booking their next vacation, many people will likely eschew traditional hotels — with their shared corridors and expensive minibars — for vacation rental sites, which offer guests a treasure trove of rooms, homes, apartments and palatial mansions for hire. Globally, a night’s stay in the average vacation home is $137, but beachfront bases with stunning sea views can stand to be… well… a tad pricier.

So where are the most expensive beachfront vacation rentals in the world? To find out, we delved into the exclusive corner of Airbnb dedicated to luxury properties with showstopping views, amenities fit for a King and eye-watering nightly price tags. Dive into our findings below…

What We Did

To find the most expensive beachfront rental properties in the world, we visited each country’s page and applied the ‘beachfront’ property filter with flexible dates. We retrieved the most expensive properties per night and, for each property, manually checked photos to confirm that it was located either on a beachfront or a short distance from one with uninterrupted views. In some cases, more expensive properties were removed in favor of rentals that were closer to a beachfront. We included riverside or lakeside properties for landlocked countries.

Airbnb, Inc. has no association with this website or the findings of this study.

Key Findings

  • Two beachfront Airbnbs are the most expensive vacation rentals in the world at $18,000 a night — a villa on Middle Cay, a private island in the Bahamas, and Casa del Oso in Punta Mita, Mexico.
  • Villa Harrah in Glenbrook, Nevada, is the most expensive beachfront Airbnb in the United States at a rate of $17,000 a night.
  • The priciest beachfront Airbnb in Europe is the Mansion Villa at Daios in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece ($16,995 a night).
  • The Captain’s House on Osea Island, Essex, is the most expensive beachfront vacation rental in the UK, at a cost of $5,452 per night.

The Bahamas and Mexico Are Home to the Priciest Beachfront Vacation Rentals in the World

For those itching for a beachfront break with tens of thousands of dollars to spare, we’ve compiled the world’s most expensive villas and luxury homes by the sea that are bookable on a very VIP corner of Airbnb. Two properties top the ranking at a bank-breaking $18,000 a night: a home on the private island of Middle Cay in the Bahamas and the sprawling Casa del Oso mansion in Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico.

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Perhaps a testament to the sheer price of these dreamy beachfront abodes, neither have many reviews on Airbnb, but their descriptions are more than enough to paint a picture of ultimate seaside splendor. As well as an entirely private beach, guests at Middle Cay can enjoy seven bedrooms, a hot tub and chef service. Meanwhile, the fully staffed Casa del Oso estate boasts an infinity pool, a spa and a home gym. 

You’ll Find One of North America’s Most Expensive Beachfront Rentals in Nevada

Next, we went in search of the priciest beachfront rental property in every country on every continent, starting with North America. In the United States, that title goes to the Villa Harrah in Glenbrook, Nevada, priced at a whopping $17,000 a night. “Amazing – perfect host and perfect house!!!!” writes the sole reviewer of this extravagant, seven-bedroom lakefront mansion, home to a cinema, bar, luxury spa and hair and nail salons. This property is the third-most expensive on the continent. 

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The next-priciest beachfront rental in North America can be found in the Dominican Republic: Punta Águila 22, located in the La Romana Province, costs $15,000 for one night’s stay. Here, guests can enjoy over ten bedrooms (housing 23 mostly king-sized beds), an infinity pool, a cinema and a butler service. 

After the aforementioned Villa Harrah in Nevada (priced at an astonishing $17,000 a night), the priciest beachfront rental in the U.S. can be found on the other side of the country in Connecticut. Costing $11,027 a night, the seven-bedroom Villa Salt Acres in Stonington offers showstopping views across the Fishers Island Sound, a private beach, a theater room, a pool, spa, sauna and wine cellar. There are no reviews yet for this luxury Airbnb, lending the rental an air of exclusivity. 

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Other top rentals on the list can be found in Maine, Texas, South Carolina and Arkansas, to name a few. At $9,000 a night, the open-plan Contemporary Waterfront Paradise in Sag Harbor, New York — a state home to the second-most billionaires in the country — offers views of the pretty Mill Creek from a sunken pool on the deck. “[The host’s] home is absolutely stunning!” exclaims a reviewer enthusiastically. “The view over the water, the sunset, the gym, the kitchen, the pizza oven!”

The luxurious Château Okanagan in Kelowna, British Columbia, claims the title of the most expensive beachfront rental in Canada. Priced at $7,062 a night, the Château — situated on a cliff by the stunning Okanagan Lake — features eight bedrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a private chef and waitstaff. After a long day at the private beach, guests can relax in the palatial Château’s cinema room. 

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For more bang for your buck, you could book the Camp at Waupoos Island in Milford, Ontario, where for $2,104 a night, guests can use all of the seven cottages (each with three beds) of the 13-acre island camp. Ideal for large groups, a previous guest writes: “We had a bachelor party (24 people) at the camp and had a fantastic time. It was perfect to have separate cabins and a fire pit where everyone can hang out as a group.”

A Greek Island Is Home to Europe’s Most Expensive Beachfront Rental

At $16,995 a night, the priciest beachfront rental in Europe is the Mansion Villa at Daios, a luxury three-bedroom abode on the island of Crete, Greece. Here, guests can swim in either the indoor or outdoor infinity pool with views stretching out across Mirabello Bay.

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By virtue of being by the sea, it seems infinity pools are a common feature of the most expensive beachfront rentals in our analysis. But what is it about them that makes them feel so luxurious?

“The infinity pool will always provide shock value for its ability to remind individuals of luxury and exclusivity, areas unattainable to the general public,” comments David Knowles, CEO and creative director of a hotel consulting firm. “To create an illusion with water merging into the horizon will always be a trompe-l’oeil, because the result shows a successful collaboration between man-made structures and natural elements.”

The UK might not be renowned for its beaches (despite being an island), but we’ve tracked down the country’s top ten most expensive beachfront rentals you can book on Airbnb. Most are in England, including the priciest property of all — the Captain’s House on Osea Island, Essex, at $5,452 a night. This nine-bedroom house sits on an island in the River Blackwater and features a library with a cozy wood-burning stove. When the tide is high, access is only possible by a water taxi or helicopter.

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Scotland’s priciest beachfront rental is a restored Scottish baronial villa on Dunnet Head (the most northerly point of mainland Britain), priced at $2,997 a night. Boasting nine bedrooms, the house offers stunning 360 degree views, its own beach and 1,800 acres of moorland. 

Wales’ most expensive rental by the sea (at $2,478 per night) is a seven-bedroom Victorian mansion in Menai Bridge with its own beach. “I’ll cut to the chase. This is the most amazing Airbnb you will ever stay in,” gushes one reviewer

It Will Cost You $5,786 a Night to Stay In Oceania’s Most Expensive Rental on the Beach

A five-bedroom home on Casuarina Beach in New South Wales, Australia, is the priciest beachfront vacation rental in Oceania at $5,786 a night. Guests of this luxury abode can relax in the swimming pool, play pool or take a short walk to the seafront for a paddle in the waves. “The beaches are clean and magnificent and we loved our daily swim and walks on the beach,” gushes a reviewer

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Samoa is home to the cheapest of the most expensive beachfront rentals in Oceania. The luxury beachfront villa in Maninoa is just $269 a night (a bargain compared to the likes of Australia’s priciest seaside Airbnb). It boasts a private balcony from which guests can enjoy 180-degree views of Maninoa Beach. “The beach is lovely to swim in, nice and shallow[,] good for families,” writes a reviewer

Every one of the top ten most expensive beachfront rentals in Australia can be found in either New South Wales or Queensland. Osprey, a villa by Peregian Beach in Queensland, will set guests back $5,228 a night, making it the second-priciest Airbnb in the country. It boasts four bedrooms (three with suites), a 4K home cinema, gym and state-of-the-art kitchen.  

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Also on the list is a waterfront home in Palm Beach, Sydney — one of the most expensive suburbs in which to buy a house in Australia — that costs $3,793 a night, boasting a yard that slopes directly into the blue water. 

A penthouse opposite the famous Bondi Beach also makes the ranking at $2,741 a night, featuring a large pool and a private terrace. “Beautiful apartment in the best location in Bondi,” writes a reviewer. “The building itself has a garage, grocery store, liquor store, coffee options, etc., so it’s super convenient.”

A Suite in Dubai Ranks as Asia’s Priciest Seaside Airbnb

It’s perhaps no surprise that the most expensive beachfront rental in Asia can be found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a city that boasts the “world’s busiest luxury property market.” Situated on one of the fronds (or leaves) of the world-famous Palm Jumeirah artificially made archipelago, this five-bedroom suite offers panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and access to a pool, hot tub and spa for $8,508 a night.  

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For vacationers with a tighter budget who don’t mind their beach not being a real seaside, head to the landlocked country of Kyrgyzstan, where the most expensive beachfront rental (at just $370 a night) is a luxury chalet overlooking the Issyk-Kul lake. “An amazing place with an incredible natural environment!” writes a reviewer. “The house is comfortable and cozy. On the territory of the complex there is an apricot garden, which you can enjoy eating after swimming in Issyk-Kul.”

Two Homes in Uruguay and Brazil Top South America’s Priciest Beachfront Airbnbs

The Best House in Punta del Este” is one of the most expensive beachfront rentals in South America at a cost of $10,000 a night. Situated in San Vicente in the Maldonado Department of Uruguay, the sprawling property boasts unbeatable ocean views, seven bedrooms, a tennis court, a soccer field and two pools. Brazil’s most expensive beachfront rental, located in Rio de Janeiro, will also set you back $10,000 a night and features a fitness center and two helipads. 

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Those with a tighter budget might want to head to the azure shores of Tintipan Island in Colombia, where a private villa awaits for just $2,203 a night. Potential bookers may be put off by the fact that this villa — which is the country’s most expensive beachfront rental — only contains four bedrooms, but fear not: 22 beds can be found within. Perfect for a private, secluded vacation with all the extended family.

Africa’s Most Expensive Beachfront Rental Is a Comparative Bargain at $3,200 a Night

Our next map reveals the most expensive beachfront rentals in every country in Africa. The priciest of all is a six-bedroom villa in El Alamein, Egypt, at $3,200 a night, situated just a short walk from the beach with its own private garden. Mozambique boasts the continent’s next most expensive seaside rental: for $3,000 a night, guests of the Loggerhead Beach Villa in the Machangulo Nature Reserve can enjoy sea views in every en-suite room. They might also spot loggerhead turtles going to nest.

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South Africa’s most expensive beachfront Airbnb is Aurum 701 ($2,502 a night), a luxury villa in the affluent neighborhood of Bantry Bay, Cape Town. Nestled above the sea and on the rocky slopes of Table Mountain, guests can either relax on the villa’s dramatic balcony or enjoy scenic hikes.

Finding Your Own Beachfront Haven (Without Breaking the Bank)

Unfortunately, most people don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a single night’s stay in a luxury rental. But don’t despair — from pretty pebble-shored lakes to white sandy beaches, the U.S. has a lot of seaside to go around, and affordable beachfront Airbnbs and hotels can be found with enough research. If you’re using Airbnb, make sure you use the filters to narrow down your search to specific areas and rentals within your budget. You might also want to consider cheaper rentals that are further inland from the beach but within easy walking distance. Don’t forget to factor in the time of year and the local climate, too — sunbathing isn’t so relaxing in the pouring rain!

Our Methodology

To find out which is the most expensive beachfront vacation rental in every country, we looked at properties listed on

We carried out manual research on every country’s page after applying the “Beachfront” property filter with flexible dates. We retrieved the price, location and link of each selected listing that was listed on a beachfront, coastal or waterside area.

After manually checking each beachfront property that was listed as the most expensive per country, we removed or replaced anywhere the photos did not confirm it was either on the beachfront or a short distance to a beachfront with the view uninterrupted by buildings. For some landlocked countries, we included riverside or lakeside beachfront properties that had listings available.

In some cases, we removed more expensive properties that were further from or less accessible to a beachfront in place of less expensive properties that were more directly placed on a beachfront or coastal area.

Finally, we ranked the properties based on their price and their location.

Airbnb, Inc. has no association with this website or the findings of this study.