Watersound Beach

WaterSound Beach — Where to Find a Little Bit of Paradise in South Walton
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

WaterSound Beach gives you a chance to teleport straight to paradise without leaving South Walton, Florida. This planned community is unlike any neighborhood you’ve ever seen, and its beach is pretty fantastic, too. Whenever you come here, the otherworldly atmosphere will have you trying to find a way to stay forevermore.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

Nestled between Deer Lake and Camp Creek Lake is the beautiful WaterSound Beach community. Designed to provide a little bit of paradise in the heart of South Walton, Florida, this planned neighborhood has everything you could want in a community.

The cottages, condos, and other homes boast a breathtaking maritime aesthetic and have huge porches for lounging on at the end of a long day. All around those dwellings are amenities for all to enjoy, including their inviting Beach Club. You can go there to fill up at their restaurant and bar or swing by to take a dip in the 7,000 square foot, zero-entry swimming pool.

For a truly magnificent swimming experience, you just have to waltz down the boardwalks to the beach beyond. As you meander down the path, you’ll get a full view of the white, sandy beaches ahead and the glistening waterway all around. The gigantic dunes and diverse vegetation, including saw palmettos and wax myrtles, are also a sight to behold.

When you come down to the beachfront, there are endless fun things to do. You could spend the whole day beachcombing and wave jumping to your heart’s content. Or you could hop straight into the water for a long, refreshing swim. Then, when you’re done you can go back into the neighborhood to refill your energy stores at the onsite restaurant or just have a few drinks at the open-air bar.

Other fun things to do at the beach:

Surf the Waves
If you want to shred the waves, WaterSound Beach is the perfect place to go. Just look for the flag along the waterfront that lets you know about the conditions. If you’re in the green, then you can hop on your board and fly across the water in style.  

Watch the Sunset
With the exquisite sparkling green water extending out across the horizon, this beach serves as the ideal place to catch the sunset. You can lay down a blanket or bring out your beach chairs to relax in as you sip on cool drinks and gaze in wonder at the view ahead. If you’re down to get up early in the morning, the sunrise is equally amazing to see.

Grill Up Dinner
Although the neighborhood restaurant is a true delight, you cannot go wrong with a tasty grilled dinner on the beach. You can only bring propane grills down, but that’s plenty good enough to get your meal cooked up right. Once that’s done, chow down while taking in the view and getting ready for more waterfront adventures.

Although WaterSound Beach offers all you want from a beach, it’s well worth the time to explore the tidal creeks at Deer Lake and Camp Creek Lake. Both of these lakes are just a short walk along the beach, offering you even more amazing sights, sounds, and fun things to do.

Insider Tips:
-If you want to buy a home here, you had better act fast. Only a few of the 200 homes are still available and the rest are not likely to land on the market any time soon.
-When setting up your beachside lounge space, remember to only use 10-foot by 10-foot tents at the largest.
-Remember to stay off the dunes and only admire them from afar. They are an important part of the local ecosystem and help protect the neighborhood from storms.