Central Park Alys Beach

Discover the Secrets of Alys Beach and Central Park
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4 / 5
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Some travel in search of the perfect dining experience or ultimate view. When traveling along 30A East along the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle, you just may discover a whole new town. Alys Beach and Central Park offer a higher level of living that is certainly worth aspiring to. It may be the ultimate combination of new city planning, classic art and architecture and natural beauty. 

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

One of the exciting aspects of traveling is making your own discoveries along the way. It may be an ice cream shop that serves homemade ice cream or a bed and breakfast with a view. If you are planning a trip to Florida’s Panhandle, you can discover what is, in essence, a whole new town. Welcome to Alys Beach, Florida, tucked in along 158 pristine acres along the Gulf Coast, along the scenic east end of 30A.

Alys Beach combines new city-style planning with old-world architecture while making most of its natural surroundings. The community was literally created in 2004, combining its ultimately walkable environment with courtyards and small boutiques and restaurants. The community has created quite a name for itself especially when it comes to a desired location for beachside weddings. It is a close-knit, private and exclusive community so it helps to pronounce its name correctly as “Alice” Beach.

The city contains an array of magnificent architecture, perfectly planned streets and pedestrian ways, along with beautiful homes. The community is divided by what is undoubtedly one of the area’s brightest assets, Central Park Alys Beach. It is obvious that outdoor activities and recreation were critical in the planning of Alys Beach and Central Park is the jewel.

Central Park is a terrific place to picnic, play or just enjoy time with family and friends. It also serves as the gathering place for community events and concerts. The kids will enjoy the play equipment and may rediscover the simple joy of rolling down gentle hills. Hiking, walking and biking trails are nearby as is a world-class assortment of bistros, cafes and fine dining options.

A major attraction of the area is the inviting and impressive Caliza Pool, with nearby art and architecture designed to impress. Young ones will enjoy the dancing waters designed to cool and entertain.

The shade and soft grass of Central Park serve as the perfect transition from “city” to the natural beauty of the surrounding area native vegetation. It serves as a bridge between two sides of the community and as a pathway from the edges of town to the private beach.

Insider Tips:
– Alys Beach is a private community and some of its amenities are for residents and guests only. This does not generally include parks and commercial venues.
– Alys Beach is a study in art and architecture. It makes use of crisp vertical and horizontal lines and smooth contours. It blends modern features and amenities with an old-world feel. Be sure to enjoy the simple act of looking around and taking it all in. 
– Don’t miss the 20-acre nature preserve on the North side of town by Central Park. It is an exceptional way to get back to nature while decompressing.