Seagrove Village Market

Seagrove Village Market - Historic Seafood Joint
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4 / 5
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Seagrove Market Cafe has been serving up some of the region’s best grouper sandwiches and burgers for over 70 years. When you have a hankering for some deep-fried deliciousness from the sea, head to the place where your grandparents might’ve gone. Come to the cafe, and you’ll find the same classics that have been on the menu since the joint opened in 1949.

- The Local Expert Team

Seagrove Village Market has been serving up some of 30A’s best grouper sandwiches and burgers since 1949. A place that generations return to, this is where your grandparents likely would’ve come if they vacationed in the area decades ago. It remains one of the best-fried seafood joints along the highway.

The menu at Seagrove Village Market features lots of selections from the water, and many of those selections go in the deep fryer. Choose from the Famous Grouper Po-Boy, Fried Oyster Platter or Fried Shrimp Basket, and you’ll have some of the ocean’s best surrounded by a crunchy, satisfying batter. There’s also a Fried Green Tomato BLT that’s worth trying if you don’t want something that had scales or a shell on it.

For the more health-conscious diners, the menu still features plenty of non-fried choices that your doctor will be more approving of. Many of the Seafood Platters can be grilled or blackened, and the burgers are as good as the seafood. There’s also a full Farmers Market Salad and Surfing Deer Vegan Burger available for any herbivores in your group.

Complementing the main meals is a variety of nibbles and sides, which largely favor the Southern style of cooking. Hushpuppies, okra, collards, coleslaw, and chicken and waffles are all available. For dessert, the Southern Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie and the Homemade Key Lime Pie are both good enough that you’ll want to bring a whole one home.

All of this is served at prices that families can afford. Lunches generally run $11 to $21, and most dinners are between $17 and $26. 

The Seagrove Village Market has recently been recognized for having the No. 1 Deep Fried Seafood and the Best Burger on 30A, and the cafe has been serving up this good grub since before 30A restaurants were being recognized with awards. Whether you came here as a child or are the first in your family to find the place, you won’t be disappointed with the diversity or quality of the seafood, burger and other offerings here.

A few of our menu favorites at Seagrove Village Market include:

Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Green Tomatoes are one of those foods that’s less known in the younger generations, but it was a favorite among the older folks. This version comes with jalapeno pimento cheese and crumbled bacon. Order an appetizer, so you can introduce the youngest members of your group to a scrumptious old-fashioned classic.

Famous Half-Pound Market Burger
The locals say the Famous Half-Pound Burger is the best on 30A, and you’ll undoubtedly agree. Even near a seashore, there’s something special about a perfectly cooked beef patty that tastes this good.

Famous Grouper Platter
Grouper comes straight from the Gulf, and you’ll find it at many restaurants around here. No one on 30A fries it up quite as well as the staff here do, though. There’s a reason this is the No. 1 Deep Fried Seafood on the highway.

Farmers Market Salad
Are you hungry but want something vegetarian? The Farmers Market Salad has edamame, roasted corn, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes and feta cheese, and it gets doused with a lemon vinaigrette. You won’t be feeling hungry once the bowl is empty (if you can eat the whole thing).

Homemade Key Lime Pie
Pie is good. Key Limes make it better. Homemade makes it great. Don’t get the slice, because you’ll want more. Order the whole thing to take home for dessert later.

Insider Tip:
– There is a tip jar when you order, but a gratuity may also be added to your bill. Remember to be generous when acknowledging your server’s efforts. You might want to check your bill before deciding to deposit dollar bills into the jar, however.