Kahve & Cream

Kahve & Crème — Serving Up All Your Favorite Coffee, Donuts, and More
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4 / 5
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Kahve & Crème might look like your basic coffeeshop, but it’s actually a one-stop-shop for all the sweet treats you can eat. With their location right along Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, they are the perfect place to stop in when you want to start your day off right. You can also come back for lunch or dessert anytime you want a little pick-me-up to rev up your day.

- The FloridaPanhandle.com Local Expert Team

If you want to put a little spring in your step, start your day off right at Kahve & Crème in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. This quaint coffee shop serves up all the coffee drinks you could ever want plus a lot of sweet treats to match. They make it their mission to make every drink to order and with enormous flair. You’ll love how they whip up your drinks in a flash without ever compromising on quality.

They don’t stop there, however. Oh no, they go well beyond coffee by serving breakfast, lunch, dessert, and snacks galore. You can pick up a filling breakfast sandwich or just cut right to the chase with their decadent donuts. You may also want to come in for lunch for a hot sandwich or go for the donuts yet again. They won’t judge.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to come back for ice cream whenever your sweet tooth starts acting up. You’ll want to try all their delicious flavors that are based on fruits and desserts of all kinds. It’s rich, creamy, and oh-so-decadent, leaving you wanting to try the next flavor before you get done with the first.  

Fan favorites on their menu include:

Above all else, they are a coffee shop through and through, and it shows in all their tantalizing creations. You can get everything from a simple Americano to beautifully decorated lattes in all the best flavors. They even have delicious cold brew coffee that’s extra strong yet ultra-smooth.

Ice Cream
Their artisan ice cream brings people through their coffeeshop in droves, even when it’s freezing cold outside. They have a wide array of inventive flavors, ranging from Skittles to Death by Chocolate. The clear fan favorite is their Oreo-based delight simply dubbed The Life. You’ve got to try it to believe how good it is.

Each morning, they get a fresh order of fluffy deliciousness straight from Charlie’s Donuts. Their cases fill up with all the most popular flavors from that iconic donut shop, including maple and chocolate long johns. But if you want truly out of this world flavor, treat yourself to at least one of the maple bacon glazed donuts.  

If you want something a little more robust than donuts for breakfast, you can go for a hot sandwich instead. You’ll have to choose between their English Muffin Egg & Cheese and Bagel Bacon Egg and Cheese, which might be tough. If you get the bagel, opt for the everything bagel for tons of flavor in every bite.

Their lunch menu is limited but mighty, as it’s basically grilled cheese sandwiches and melts. Their Classic American Grilled Cheese will take you back to the easy days of childhood. If you want something more sophisticated, then go for the Seagrove Grilled Cheese instead. The also have a Smoked Turkey Pesto melt that you’re sure to adore.

Before you take off, turn your attention to all the Pecan Jacks candies you can buy at this coffeeshop. You can get all their most popular creations, including cashew brittle, milk chocolate malt balls, and beach gummies. Make sure to stock up or at least get enough to share with a friend — or you’ll find yourself coming back here sooner than you think for another dose of this sweet goodness.

Insider Tips:
– If you’re not sure what ice cream flavor to order, don’t be shy about asking for samples. They’ll gladly oblige until you find your perfect selections.
– Love latte art? Request that they add a little flair to your coffee to get a beautiful design on top of your tasty beverage.