Cafe Thirty A

Café Thirty-A - Premier Dining with Beachy Sophistication
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Perfect for date nights or an upscale evening out, Café Thirty-A is a local favorite for a reason. Known as a premier, upscale restaurant, you can expect carefully-plated favorites from filet to seared yellowfin tuna; an extensive wine list; impeccable interior design and atmosphere; and service that will always leave you with a smile.

- The Local Expert Team

Café Thirty-A is one of the most highly-recommended restaurants in Seagrove Beach, whether you ask the locals, the concierge at your hotel, or the top travel websites. And it’s consistently at the top of must-stop lists for good reason. Now open for dine-in via reservation only, Café Thirty-A is the fine dining experience you’d expect from an upscale beach resort. Expect upscale-casual, well-appointed interior design and architecture, an extensive wine menu, inventive cocktails, and four-diamond customer service. 

At Café Thirty-A, the brief but excellent menu is updated frequently, featuring well-plated meals that combine the best of local Gulf coast flavors and those of the American South. This isn’t a budget location; menu prices are commensurate with the atmosphere and quality of cuisine and service. For many Seagrove Beach locals and visitors, Café Thirty-A is quite literally a destination in itself. 

A few favorite menu items include… 

Grilled Filet Mignon 
Expect succulent, fork-tender filet perfectly seasoned and served with the perfect side dishes: whipped mashed potatoes and balsamic grilled asparagus, drizzled with a Worcestershire reduction that imbues every bite with beautifully-balanced flavor. The filet is a highlight for many visitors, and it’s one of the dishes responsible for Café Thirty-A’s sterling reputation. 

Pan-Seared Snapper 
Fresh-caught snapper is pan-seared and served with roasted shallots, zucchini, squash, heirloom tomatoes, and baked polenta cake, all plated with a lemon-pesto butter that offsets the savory flavors with a bright, lively note. This might be Thirty-A’s hidden jewel on the menu; it’s unassuming but brimming with the finest flavors of the Gulf coast. 

Truffled Mac ‘n Cheese
Served as a side with some of the entrees or as a standalone dish, Thirty-A’s truffled mac ‘n cheese has a lot to offer. Made from scratch daily, the mac ‘n cheese is a fan favorite, and the restaurant has been known to sell out before the end of the evening; it’s just that good. 

Key Lime Pie 
The fact that key lime pie is a Florida staple, served at diners, ice cream joints, and fine dining restaurants alike, doesn’t diminish the excellence of this dish. Expect house-made key lime pie that tastes like the next-level food you always look for but never expect. 

Café Thirty-A is located in the heart of Seagrove Beach right on Highway 30A. 

Insider Tip:
Café Thirty-A is currently offering limited seating on a reservations-only basis; they fill up quickly on weekend evenings and holidays, so call ahead and plan your meal accordingly.