Brozinni Pizza

Brozinni Pizza: The Best of New York Pizza in Santa Rosa Beach
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Brozinni Pizza serves mouthwatering pies in the quintessential New York style, complete with giant slices and flavorful toppings. Stop by this family-friendly joint for a satisfying meal. 

- The Local Expert Team

Enjoy a taste of New York in the heart of Santa Rosa Beach as you relax at Brozinni Pizza. This family-friendly eatery may seem simple at first glance, but there’s more to the restaurant than its basic decor. Here, it’s all about the mouthwatering pizza, which goes beyond what you might typically enjoy in Florida. 

Come prepared with a huge appetite. The pizza slices served here are massive, with just one satisfying most visitors. Lunch specials add salad, breadsticks, and drinks to the mix to ensure that you leave with a full stomach. 

If there’s one complaint about Brozinni’s signature pizza style, it’s that the crust is sizable. Many visitors enjoy the crust, but some wish that it didn’t take up such a significant portion of the pizza. If you dip the crust in the homemade marinara sauce, however, you just might find that it’s one of the best aspects of your meal. 

Depending on your appetite, the size of your group, and when you visit, you may order pizza by the slice or share an entire pie. Several specialty options are available, but you’re also welcome to create your own masterpiece with your favorite toppings.

Don’t worry about finding something tasty to enjoy if you’re unable to consume gluten or prefer not to eat meat. Brozinni offers not only a gluten-free crust but also several premium gluten-free toppings. Likewise, vegetarians will be pleased to find a variety of great build-your-own-pizza toppings. Meat can also be avoided by ordering one of the cheese or veggie calzones.

A few of our favorite menu items include the following:

The pizza at Brozinni might be delectable, but you’ll thank yourself for saving your appetite for this mouthwatering appetizer. It features the restaurant’s signature dough, which is expertly twisted and then baked in an enticing garlic butter sauce.

Greek Salad
One of several excellent salads offered at Brozinni, this top option includes all the Greek salad essentials: Feta, olives, tomato, and red onion. A delicious Greek dressing ties it all together. Enjoy as a single serving or as part of a family salad designed to feed up to five guests. 

Park Avenue
Carnivores are bound to get excited about this pizza favorite, which includes a variety of rich toppings. Loaded with pepperoni, sausage, ham, and bacon, this pizza will have you feeling full after just a few bites.

Sunrise Highway
Combine the best aspects of salad and pizza in a single slice with this unique option. It features grilled and marinated chicken, as well as bacon, spinach, tomato, and a wonderful Caesar dressing. 

BBQ Chicken Calzone
Pizza may be a big deal at Brozinni, but the calzones are also worth trying. This particular option is loaded with chicken that has been marinated in a tangy sauce. This alone would be delicious, but the calzone also includes pineapple tidbits, sweet red onions, green peppers, and plenty of bacon.

If you’d like to take a culinary journey to the Big Apple, you’ll love the pies served at Brozinni. Get ready for a pizza experience that defies all expectations of Florida cuisine.

Insider Tips:
– If you’re feeling especially hungry, be sure to visit the adjacent Donut Hut for a fresh-baked pastry. This multi-purpose location also includes bike rentals, so don’t hesitate to reserve your ride to work off all those extra calories.
– Many visitors don’t realize that the restaurant has a small patio, complete with a picnic table. If you can score a spot outside, be sure to do so. The seating isn’t as comfy, but you’ll enjoy the fresh breeze as you chow down on pizza.